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Our small business is insured and COIs will be provided as requested.


All prices will incur a 5.3% processing fee.

Delivery and set up costs will be based on venue location.

Delivery, pick up, or set ups on holidays and after midnight will incur an extra 10% charge.

Rentals placed outdoors cannot be guaranteed for strong winds, rain, or snow. It is the responsibility of clients to reach out 24 hours in advance to discuss a potential rain, heat, or snow plan; otherwise cancellation due to weather will have no refunds.

Neon signs will have no additional installation costs. Hanging your sign on our rentals will incur an additional $50 charge if we provide the service.


Missing or damaged rentals will be charged at replacement cost.

In the case of cancellation, there is no refund of the deposit.

Rentals shall not be altered or modified without the permission of Light Up Rentals.

Set up locations need to be identified prior to set up. Moving the set up location, when possible, after set up is complete, will incur a 25% charge due to the time and labor in de-installing and re-installing. 

There is a maximum of a 15 minute waiting period allowed before the staff leaves the premise. As we have multiple events in a day, we cannot wait longer than 15 minutes to start or remove installations. Refunds in these cases are not possible. There is a $50 charge per every 15 minutes that the set up or pick up time is delayed. Please be mindful of this policy and book a set up and pick up time that works for you.

Photo booth galleries will be shared if requested within 30 days of the event. They are shareable for up to 30 days after the event is over. The galleries will be deleted after this time frame.

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