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Should I use large light up marquee letters at my wedding?

The short answer is, yes. Large light up marquee letters can make a literal statement on your big day. Not only can it serve as a decor backdrop for your dance floor or as a welcome in the lobby, but it can also serve as a photo op for your guests throughout the night. Make sure to plan some great wedding photography right in front of the letters by letting your photographer know about them in advance.

Besides serving as a photo opportunity, the light from marquee letters can also add some really nice lighting to your venue. Plan to set them in a strategic location in your venue so that they shine in a place that works for you. Imagine your first dance in front of your newly shared last name.

Some other areas where you can place large light up marquee letters are the buffet, the cocktail reception area, the ceremony, right behind the sweetheart table, or on stage behind or in front of your band or DJ.

Here are some examples from Light Up Rentals' marquee letters:



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